Gift-Giving Guide for Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you're likely pondering gift ideas for your sweetheart. If it feels impossible to find something truly unique, remember that in the end, it's a day that represents your love for one another. Consider stepping out the box of heart-shaped chocolates and a dozen roses. Plan an experience for your partner rather than purchasing a gift or if you’d like to give something material, shop online to find unique gifts. If you're in the need for some inspiration, look no further than this Valentine's Day gift-giving guide! 


While jewelry is a classic (potentially cliché) Valentine's Day gift idea, it's one of the most reliable for your priceless relationship. That said, stray away from heart-shaped necklaces and opt for a trendy arrow bracelet and ring combination. If your relationship is fairly new, you might be better off with just a unique necklace or bracelet, rather than a ring.

If your significant other is particularly fond of boutique jewelry, consider taking your sparkling gift to the next level by purchasing a jewelry subscription box. As the gift that keeps on giving, a Glamour Jewelry Box is just $28 per month. Your lovely lady will be adorned with three pieces of high-quality, fashionable pieces for months after February 14th.

Extreme Date Night

Speaking of newer relationships, those with new-found love on Valentine’s Day should consider planning an extreme date night rather than hunting for the perfect material gift. Treat your significant other to a night of competitive, fun activities. Start the evening at an indoor trampoline park to work up an appetite. This activity is sure to provide opportunity for laughs, fun and flirting. Move your date night to a unique bar or restaurant with game tables like ping pong or corn hole. After a full meal, a couple of drinks, and a few games, consider a classic like seeing a movie. There are plenty of options for luxury movie theaters, where you can treat your date to another cocktail or some dessert.

Couple's Massage

What could be more romantic than a relaxing spa day with your significant other? You can get facials, mud masks, massages, sit in a sauna—or do all of the above and spend the full day at a spa. Couples massages are an intimate yet calming way to spend time with your partner where you both end up feeling refreshed. Self-care days are important and aren’t often appreciated as much as they should be, so it’s a great way to prioritize yourselves and end the day feeling great.

Winery Trip

Another way you can extend your Valentine’s Day trip into a weekend trip is by enjoying some wine and sunshine by experiences a wine tour. A glass (or tow) of wine together is a fun and romantic activity, but touring a vineyard is a great way to experience a new area and have a fun day together. Often you can find a package where you can visit a few vineyards, or if you’re only interested in trying a specific type of wine, then you can find the vineyards that specialize in it. It’s a great way to get out there together and do something fun and make a new memory.

DIY Your Gift

Because Valentine’s Day is all about sharing in your love with your significant other, what better way is there than creating a scrapbook of all your favorite memories for your partner? Not only is it fun for you as you go through all your old photos and relive those memories, but then you’ll have this great item that you can look through at any time in the future fondly.

You can also DIY a Valentine’s Day coupon book. Include coupons for all your partner’s favorite things, like a homemade dinner, ice cream date, back rub, and more!

Whether you want to snuggle up inside and avoid the busy restaurants with your significant other or want to give some of the more classic Valentine’s Day gifts, you’re sure to find a way to make memories with your partner. There are no rules on this loving holiday other than ending the day happily after celebrating your love.

This article was guest authored by Abby Golder 

2019 Winter Jewelry Trends

You’ve survived the holidays and 2019 is finally here. We wanted to showcase the top jewelry trends to look out for with the new year so we put together a list just for you!

Modern Day Dangly Earrings

These modern and chic earrings are a MUST for the new year. Made famous by Kristin Cavallari’s new fashion line, Uncommon James, and new E! hit reality show, Very Cavallari, this earring style is perfect for the effortless style.

Fun Stones

Whether they are warm colored stones or rhinestones, get ready to add stone based jewelry into your wardrobe ASAP. These stone based jewelry pieces are best found on bracelets that you can wear for a casual workday or dinner evening out

Hexagon Pendant Necklaces

Dainty and elegant, get ready to rock a hexagon pendant shaped necklace for 2019. This minimal yet eye-catching necklace is perfect for everyday wear and really allows you to look stylish without the effort!

Fashion Expert Stefanie From Style Truly Shares Her Holiday Fashion Picks!

Let the countdown begin! We are only a couple days away from Thanksgiving and the December holidays are FAST approaching. We had the chance to speak with fashion and style expert Stefanie McKim-Eastburn from blog Style Truly to understand what styles and trends we should be seeing and wearing this coming holiday. Here is the run down of her top picks:

Holiday Jewelry

“This year and especially this holiday, I have been drawn to a good statement bracelet and watch duo with simple stud or dangle earrings. The other trend combination I love is long statement earrings and a simple bracelet paired with a ring,” says Stefanie.  

Holiday Dresses

“Right now I think the perfect holiday dress is anything velvet. Nothing has that holiday feel more than a chic velvet cocktail dress in either an emerald green, ruby red or dark navy blue color.”

Winter Wardrobe

“It’s hard to just pick three, but I would say, my favorite must-haves currently in my closet for winter are leather gloves, a good classic long pea coat, and a conductor style hat.”

To keep up with more holiday trends, please check out Stefanie’s official blog here along with following her on Instagram here!

Also don’t forget to check-out the Glamour Jewelry Box, a monthly jewelry subscription where you get 3 trendy, boutique jewelry pieces delivered to your door every month, perfect for the winter and holiday season!

Winter Wardrobe and Jewelry Trends From Blogger Lauren Imbriaco!

Fit Mommy in Heels blogger Lauren Imbriaco is an avid shopper and loves to find awesome deals for her growing Facebook and Instagram following. Here style is best described as sophisticated chic. We recently caught up with Lauren to get her style advice for the upcoming holiday season and here is what she had to say:

“When it comes to jewelry I stick to the “less is more” mindset. In the winter months I love to pair a statement necklace with camis and cardigans and if I’m wearing a turtleneck or cowl neck, I love a good pair of hoop earrings!”

So what are some wardrobes and styles we’ll be seeing this winter? “Leopard is all the rage right now and I don’t see it dying down anytime soon (at least I hope it doesn’t)! I’m personally loving the leopard bootie trend and having fun mixing and matching them with so many different outfits. It’s fun to find new ways to wear them outside of just denim jeans.” 

And with the shopping season starting for the holidays we asked her to pick the top 3 gifts to give your girlfriend for the holidays: “Oh this is a tough one. I’m going to have to say (1) Sephora self-tanning mist. It’s under $20 and doesn’t leave streaks on skin or stains on clothes! (2) The T3 convertible wand for perfect hair in minutes! And (3) a good skincare gift basket! With the winter months rolling around, it gets so dry and I know so many others are the same.”

There you have it, make sure to bring out the statement earrings and hoops, leopard booties, and those holiday gifts for your girlfriends this season. To keep up with more winter trends, please check out Lauren’s official blog here along with following her on Instagram here!

Also don’t forget to sign-up for your Glamour Jewelry Box, a monthly jewelry subscription where you get 3 trendy, boutique jewelry pieces delivered to your door every month, perfect for the winter and holiday season!

5 Clean Eating Hacks for Busy Millennials


Are you a busy millennial in desperate need of some clean eating hacks? Clean eating--or any sort of diet, for that matter--can be especially hard when you are busy. I know this all too well! Millennials are no stranger to the side hustle; we are often balancing day jobs, passion projects, and busy social calendars, all at the same time, making our lives a little crazy. Still, that’s no excuse to be dipping into the McDonalds drive-through in a fit of hunger. I am going to share the best five clean eating hacks for busy millennials. These hacks are guaranteed to keep you clean, even on the busiest weeks!

1. Cook and freeze

Mark off one day a month to spend some time cooking. Get on Pinterest and do some research on clean eating recipes (I always look for hearty soups, gluten-free pasta dishes, or one-pan skillet meals). One of my favorite things to make is this awesome recipe for vegan butternut squash mac ‘n’ cheese! Basically, you want to find four freezer-friendly meals (not salad recipes or anything that will get weird in the freezer). Make all four meals on your cooking day and divide them into individual containers. You may want to invest in a large set of Tupperware, or mason jars, which are great for storing soups! Make sure you are portioning out your meals into single servings and not freezing a giant container of stir fry--the idea is to have meals ready to go when you need them.

On average, you will get about five to six meals per recipe, which means about 20 meals from one afternoon of cooking! Leave out only what you will eat in the next few days and freeze the rest, and then you can defrost the meals as you need them during the month. Doing this once a month is best, so you have time to eat through all your meals while they are relatively fresh.

This hack will keep you from getting sick of eating chicken chili for five meals in a row.


2. Squirrel away some snacks

Yes, you really are going to squirrel away some nuts! Raw nuts are the perfect snack when practicing clean eating. They are packed with protein, kill hunger, and are easy to eat on the go. Keep a stash of nuts at your desk at work, in your car, or even in your purse. When hunger hits and you are drawn to that vending machine, eat your nuts first, and they will settle that urge for a Snickers bar. Almonds are my go-to choice!


3. Quick chop and wash

I am not going to BS you here--meal prepping every week is not for the “busy millennial.” That’s why I suggest giving yourself one day a month to cook those freezer-friendly meals. No one wants to spend their entire Sunday chopping veggies and grilling chicken breast to make their weekly meals. Weekly meal prep is one of those things that sounds good in theory but never really pans out. But some quick chopping, on the other hand, can be a total lifesaver.

Give yourself 30 minutes after you get back from the grocery store to wash the fruit and veggies you bought and to cut things like carrots and celery into sticks. Having food ready to eat during the week will save you time and make you more likely to reach for something healthy, since it will be just as easy to munch on some carrots as on some chips!

4. Dressings on the side

It’s always better to make your own food when you are on a clean eating diet; however, I know that is completely unrealistic for us to do all the time, especially when you are working full time.

When you do go out to eat, salads are always a safe bet. They are a great way to get your leafy greens and you can usually see all the ingredients, so you don't have to worry about hidden processed foods. Salads at home always take time to make, so go ahead and have someone else do the work for you!

Just order your dressing on the side, and if the dressing is ranch (sorry to say this, but that is not clean), order oil and balsamic vinegar on the side instead. You should also request any sort of candied nuts on the side so you can use them at your discretion. The “extras” on the salad are usually where the added sugars and calories are hiding.


5. Protein shakes, bro!!

No, you don’t need to down crazy protein shakes like the meathead at the gym, but protein shakes are such a quick way to cure hunger when you are in a jam.

Read the labels on your protein powder and make sure you are getting one with no added sugar. I love the vegan pea protein from Sprouts! I will put a scoop in the blender with two handfuls of spinach (another way to get those leafy greens!), almond milk, and some frozen berries or cacao powder, and blend it all up.

If you are going to a party or social event where you know there will be limited options as far as clean eating goes, have a protein shake before you leave the house. That way, when you show up to your work holiday party and realize none of the food there is remotely clean, you at least have something in your stomach to hold you over. My husband always laughs at me when I am making a protein shake before a party, but I can’t tell you how many times I have been so thankful I did! Hunger is the worst enemy of any sort of diet, and there is nothing worse than feeling deprived or saying “I can’t eat any of that.”

I hope these five clean eating hacks for busy millennials will help you as much as they help me! If you have any other tips that have helped you keep it clean, I would love to know what is working for you. Please share with us at or comment on our Facebook page!

This post was brought to you by guest author Jordis Small

Get more tips on clean eating here!

For more articles by Jordis, click here!

Summer Time Sadness + Fall Fashion Trends with Maddy Crayy

Adventure seeking and life-liver, those words sum up Maddy Crayy's blog and Instagram page very well! When the Glamour Jewelry Box team came across her photos we knew she loved to have fun while looking stylish and trendy! 

Summer is coming to an end (we are feeling the summer-time sadness) but Maddy described what she loved (and will miss) about her summer wardrobe,  "My go-to summer clothing pieces were jumpsuits and maxi-dresses all the way! I'm all about trends that are super easy to execute but still look so put together and fashion forward."

And summer-time accessories? "I loved accessorizing big and bold patterns with simple jewelry pieces like gold chain or stacked necklaces, and simpler jumpsuits and dresses with big and bold statement pieces! For me, it's always so important to have some part of your outfit be a statement piece so you stand out in the crowd. It's an amazing way to bring out your personality through your apparel/accessories!" 

Maddy's start to blogging fell on her lap when her Instagram account following grew from her love of posting her fun adventures and when she had the chance to interact with like-minded Instagram accounts.

What's most adorable is that her boyfriend was the perfect partner for this venture, "I definitely couldn't do it without my boyfriend Sam though, he's been there every step of the way and is the amazing photographer behind the lens. He's inspired me to keep posting every day, and makes me laugh with his funny comments on my posts!"


Now that we are approaching the fall season with cooler weather, Maddy recommends the following trends for the autumn season, "Fall is all about layering and faded colors! Normally fall for me means toning down my wardrobe to blacks and browns, but this year I'm loving keeping that color in my wardrobe, just something not as bright that really sticks with the fall vibe. My favorite color going into this season is definitely mustard yellow! If worn on an accessory, mustard yellow looks amazing with denim or black clothing pieces. Whereas with mustard yellow clothes, I'd definitely recommend simple gold jewelry to really bring attention to the color." 

"My favorite color going into this season is definitely mustard yellow!"

Please take some time to follow Maddy on her Instagram page and check out her official blog Madd Crayy to get more fall style trends and tips! Please also check out the Glamour Jewelry Box, a monthly subscription where we send you the latest jewelry pieces every month to your door!  

Summer to Fall Style Transition

The summer season is coming to an end and the autumn is to slowly follow. So what do you wear for that transition between summer to fall? We found some awesome outfit boards to help you style the perfect outfits for the season transition:   

Sprinkles on Sunday: Fashion Blogger with SoCal Style

Fashion blogger, Jennifer Grech is a southern California based blogger with a focus on effortless style. Her blog Sprinkles on Sunday shares her favorite fashion finds and looks that are trendy and cool yet effortless.

When we came across her blog, we knew her style fits perfectly with the Glamour Jewelry Box especially with her simple and girly looks that are obtainable for the everyday woman. We had the chance to learn more about Jennifer’s love of fashion, her jewelry style, and everything else in between!

Jennifer’s first job out of college was in merchandising for a clothing brand and after she left that job, she was in search of a creative outlet. “For years my friends have come to me for fashion advice, so I decided to start Sprinkles on Sunday as a way to share what I love with women everywhere! My favorite thing about blogging is connecting with all of my readers! It has also been fun to meet other bloggers, many of which have become good friends!” said Jennifer.

When it comes to jewelry Jennifer is all about a fun pair of statement earrings. She said, “...[statement earrings] can transform any outfit! I also can't live without my Gorjana layering necklaces that I wear on a daily basis!”

What about favorite pieces in her wardrobe? “I can't live without my Karen Walker Super Duper sunglasses! You will see me wearing them in almost all of my posts! They go with everything and I feel like they are flattering on everyone! If you are looking to invest in a fashion piece, I also love my Gucci GG belt. It is a classic that will never go out of style and can be worn with so many different outfits!”

Please take some time to follow Jennifer on her Instagram page and check out her official blog Sprinkles on Sunday to get more tips and find deals on the trendiest outfits! Please also check out the Glamour Jewelry Box, a monthly subscription where we send you the latest jewelry pieces every month to your door!  

Sophisticated & Styled: Casual Chic Trends with Stacie

We wanted to introduce an Austin-based fashion blogger that focuses on fresh classy looks by mixing high and low pieces that anyone can wear. Meet Stacie from Sophisticated & Styled.

Stacie’s style is best described as affordable, casual chic and easy to achieve, “I always hope my followers can come to my blog or Instagram and find an item that makes them feel good but doesn't break the bank. A few years ago I would have said I found so much of my inspiration on Pinterest and I still do, but the most of my inspiration comes from various bloggers on Instagram or some of my favorite magazines I still love to grab.”  

When it comes to jewelry Stacie loves layering her necklaces, “I always wear 1 - 3 every day and I love that I can switch them up depending on my outfit. I'm obsessed with dainty necklaces!”

So we asked Stacie a tough question: if you could only pick 3 essential pieces of clothing, what would they be and why? “Only 3! Gosh that’s hard but first I would say a good white tee, you just can't go wrong with a white tee paired with a cute pair of cutoffs or boyfriend jeans. Add your favorite heels or slip-on, put your hair in a top knot and you're good to go! Next would be a good versatile denim jacket. I literally wear mine year round! I'm always cold as rule of thumb - LOL, but it adds that perfect chicness to any look. Third would be a cute lace cami! They layer well and also look so good solo or paired with a cute pair of high waisted paper bag shorts or distressed denim.”

“I always loved following my favorite bloggers on Pinterest and Instagram until one day I looked over at my husband and said "I want to give this a try" - girl, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I haven't looked back. It’s been one of the most challenging ventures I have ever done, but also so rewarding. The most stimulating parts are the relationships I have made, but also the messages I get of my followers sharing pictures with me of looks they have created after seeing it on me or just sharing their joy after finding the perfect piece that put a smile on their faces!”

The team at Glamour Jewelry Box love Stacie’s style, her obsession with dainty necklaces, and her love with the relationships she has made with her followers as she took on a venture that she is extremely proud to continue!   

Please take some time to follow Stacie on her Instagram page and check out her official blog Sophisticated & Styled to get more tips and find deals on the trendiest outfits! Please also check out the Glamour Jewelry Box, a monthly subscription where we send you the latest jewelry pieces every month to your door!  

Top 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow To Get Some Jewelry Inspo!

Instagram is one of the most perfect places to find blogger accounts focused on awesome fashion looks and styles. So much so that they give us inspiration on what to style and wear with each posted picture and Instastory video. We scoured the Instagram land to find you the top 5 emerging Instagram blogger accounts to follow that will help you improve your fashion and jewelry game!

1) Maxie Elise from Orange County, California. Instagram: @maxieelise

Maxie is a petite blogger that has a chic, colorful style. Her Instagram photos capture her awesome outfits and she does such a great job pairing them with her unique jewelry pieces including playful statement earrings and dainty bracelets! Below is a small collection of her Instagram page with some gorgeous outfits and her ADORABLE puppy!  

2) Ashlen Fulton from Charlotte, North Carolina. Instagram: @thechicaf

Ashlen's blog and Instagram page are focused on her love of affordable fashion and fun travel. Her Instagram page is filled with her chic style with a mix of casual yet trendy looks. What we love most about Ashlen is her jewelry selection paired with some of her simple outfits. She's the perfect inspiration when you're trying to figure out what to wear on a casual night out! Below are some of our favorite Instagram looks: 

3) Jennifer Lindsey from Dallas, Texas. Instagram: @boymominjeans

Jennifer Lindsey's style is best described as casual comfort that's chic and trendy. Her Instagram profile feed includes warm colors with hints of vibrant orange! I think one of the things we loved about her style is that she does a great job mixing floral patterns with solid, bold colors. Her jewelry pairing is simple and vintage which is seen throughout her Instagram pictures. She does a great job completing each look with her jewelry and accessories as shown below: 

4) Jessi Afshin from Austin, Texas. Instagram: @jessi_afshin

Jessi takes advantage of every season and you can easily see that with every outfit she wears! She does a great job pulling together timeless and trendy pieces. Jessi's jewelry is all about the statement accessories especially her bold, fun earrings! Browsing through her Instagram will really give you style inspo for each season!    

5) Ashley Ellen from New Jersey/ New York. Instagram: @ashley_elle

Ashley 's Instagram page is filled with her trendy style with a focus on beauty, fitness, and fashion. Her fashion is best described as effortless chic with some gorgeous tops and dresses along with nailing the athleisure look! We also love her minimal jewelry style where she rocks just one piece of jewelry at a time, giving her a super polished look! Here are some of our favorite Instagram photos of Ashley: 

Make sure you give each of these girls a follow on Instagram! You won't be disappointed! Also, don't forget to sign-up for a Glamour Jewelry Box membership where you get 3 boutique jewelry pieces delivered to your door monthly! 


5 Quick and Affordable Ways to Look Trendy and Style your Outfit

Imagine walking into a room and everyone turns their head to see who just walked in because they are so amazed by how stylish and well put-together you are! Imagine if it took you half the time, effort, and money to get that trendy jaw-dropping look! We put together 5 quick ways to look trendy without breaking the bank:

  1. Front-tuck your shirt, it gives off the vibe that you know exactly what you are doing in the fashion world.

  2. Shop the classics such as good quality jeans and jacket. You'll end up wearing it all the time, and really getting your monies worth each time you wear these timeless pieces. 

  3. Iron or steam simple clothing pieces such as shirts and pants. These ironed and clean-cut articles of clothing will make you look like you paid a whole lot for your outfit (even though you didn’t!).

  4. Make sure it fits right, get it altered through a tailor if possible. The more perfect it fits, the more expensive it looks!

  5. Accessorize as much as possible with jewelry. Fashion jewelry, either with dainty or statement pieces, will complete any look and give you that wow factor in your trendy fashion look!

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Where can I get some of these stylish pieces and accessories to look like a trendsetter in the fashion game?”  

With Glamour Jewelry Box, we send you 3-boutique jewelry pieces every month to your door so you’ll never have to worry about finding the best fashion jewelry.

“Phewww! That’s awesome, now I won’t have to think about what jewelry pieces I need to get since you send it to my door every month,” you may be thinking!    

BuzzFeed even featured the Glamour Jewelry Box in their roundup of the best subscription boxes! If that’s not enough, a famous magazine editor came across the GJB and loved the jewelry pieces and how these pieces get delivered to your door monthly!!!  

As a Glamour Jewelry Box member, you get 3-boutique jewelry pieces including a necklace, bracelet, ring, and/or earrings! The most amazing part about this is that each box totals more than $75 but you only pay $29.95 a month!

Here is what a recent GJB subscriber said, “I love my jewelry pieces. It feels like I am unboxing a gift to myself, every single month!! I get so many compliments from my friends. It’s so easy to style my outfits now!”

Watch an Unboxing:  

The other thing that Glamour Jewelry Box has for its members is an exclusive FB group where we share links to awesome fashion clothing deals to help you style looks with your jewelry!  

More testimonials! 

"Just got my box and loving the jewelry. Wish I found this subscription box sooner!" - Susan A. 

"I came across GJB from Instagram and became a member. My friends always ask me where I got my jewelry pieces from. So glad I subscribed!" -Adriana B.

What is a Jade Roller?

This post is brought to you by Marianna Hewitt originally posted on Life By Me which can be find here

If you landed on this post you may be wondering, what is jade rolling? After seeing this tool on Dr. Oz I searched the internet to find out how to use a jade roller, what kind of before and after results I might get and any reviews I could find. I came across so many articles that shared the history of this beauty tool.




I purchased mine on Amazon and was OBSESSED ever since I first used it. When using it for the first time you will notice the results immediately, I prepped mine with a facial oil then went in for the rolling.


  •  brighten complexion
  • diminish appearance of fine lines
  • increase blood circulation
  • assist lymphatic drainage


It’s so simple, are you ready?

  • apply your favorite serum or moisturizer
  • roll the jade roller in an upward motion, working from your neck toward the forehead
  • that’s it!
  • pro tip: keep it in the refrigerator to give your skin some help with puffiness

Do you use a jade roller? If so, leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on this beauty tool!


Wedding Jewelry Trends for Summer

Summer is all about the sun, great weather, and getting invited to a lot of fun weddings! With that being said, it's wedding season time and we want to make sure you have the right accessories to look fabulous while having a blast during these summer weddings! We put together the top jewelry trends for this summer as a wedding guest! 

1. Pearls

With its timeless look, pearls are classic jewelry item that never gets old. The great thing about pearls is that they can come in all types of shapes and sizes, making it a trendy yet classic summer wedding jewelry piece! 



2. Statement Earrings 

We have a bit of an obsession with statement earrings because it can easily dress up any wedding look in an effortless way. A top pick for statement earrings for a wedding is chandelier style earrings. 



3. Crystal Bib Necklace 

If you are wearing a dress with a low neckline or a strapless dress, crystal bib necklaces will pair perfectly with your outfit. This jewelry piece can elevate your entire look, especially for weddings!    


Let us know what your favorite wedding jewelry pieces are from above or if you can think of any that you plan on wearing this summer! 

A Millennial’s Guide to Planning A Memorable Mother’s Day

I’m sure your mom has a special place in your heart. She’s been apart of your highs and lows and has seen you grow. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, why not plan and dedicate this day to show her your love and appreciation! We put together a guide to help you plan something spectacular for your mother!  

Step 1: Pick out the perfect Mother’s Day card

Cards are a simple yet meaningful gesture for Mother’s Day. An item where you can express your feelings of appreciation, a card allows you to craft a thoughtful note. We came across some awesome handmade Mother’s Day cards from Etsy. This Etsy-based card company, Honey Be-Merry, proclaims themselves as a stationery brand that draws inspiration from the beauty of everyday living and they say that all cards are made with love. These handmade cards are perfect for Mother’s Day! And don’t forget to include a powerful quote that expresses your gratitude and love! 

Step 2: Cook an EASY and Homemade Meal

The best way to your mom’s heart is through her stomach with a delectable, home-cooked meal. Don’t worry if you aren’t an expert chef, we found some easy recipes that you can’t mess up! Bon Appetit even the name of this recipe the Never Fail Roast Chicken Recipe, which you can find here!

Step 3:  Creative Experience-Based Gifts

If you think the typical Mother’s Day gift such as flowers and chocolate and overrated, well we agree with! We do have alternatives that are super creative and something your mom will surely love!

Paint Night: A night dedicated to painting lead by instructors with all supplies included. It ends up being an awesome bonding experience that you can share with your mom.  


Tea Room/Party: This is a fun way for you and your mom to spend some quality time dressing up, drinking tea, and enjoying some English sandwiches. This event is something that is unique and easy to plan!

Glamour Jewelry: Jewelry is something all moms love but instead of finding her the typical trendy jewelry, why not sign her up for a subscription jewelry service? We’ve recently received raved reviews from mothers around the nation about how they’ve enjoyed this gift and how they’ve been so excited to get the jewelry package every month! It’s an awesome and thoughtful gift for only $29.95/month.  

Coachella + Festival Inspired Styles

Coachella is known, not only for music but for its distinct festival fashion. Though the memories of the music and artists will fade, the styles will live on! If you need some inspiration for festival looks, we’ve got you covered.

Coachella is all about the effortless boho chic look. You can master this with a scalloped crop top and shorts set, a lacy dress, a frilly playsuit…. And don’t forget, lots of accessories!


Tribal prints and cutoff shorts are always a safe bet!


Gigi Hadid masters festival style with fringes and faux leather to add the perfect western flair! Stacked necklaces bring some glam to this look.


Again, Coachella looks are all about the accessories! Kendall Jenner rocks a headband, body chain, and statement belt so effortless…when it comes to festival looks, there’s no such thing as too much!

Which festival looks are your favorite? Would you wear any of these festival-inspired outfits? Share your Coachella styles with us with #glamourjewelrybox

Girlfriend's Guide to Gift Giving

Selecting gifts for a birthday, anniversary, or wedding can be tricky or even stressful, but when done correctly, a great gift will be remembered and cherished for years to come! We’ve done the work for you in rounding up some simple, easy, and affordable gift ideas.

1. Luxury Candles

A great-quality candle will not only have a great fragrance but look beautiful as well! These candles from Otherland offer a decorative touch and will be well-appreciated when received as a gift. The glamorous packaging is the perfect touch for gifting! Click here to order now!

2. Jewelry

One thing that will never go out of style - classic jewelry pieces. There’s a reason jewelry has been the quintessential gift for centuries… it’s the perfect present for any female in your life! Even better than a single jewelry piece is a gift that keeps on giving - a jewelry subscription service! Glamour Jewelry Box offers a 3-month subscription package that makes for the ideal gift for any occasion. Click here to sign-up now!


3. Perfume

When choosing a gift that can be appreciated for months to come, perfume is a great choice! The elegant bottle will be displayed on the recipient’s vanity all year long. The tricky thing is selecting the perfect scent….. So this sampler scent is the perfect solution! Seventeen sample perfumes are included and then the included scent certificate can be redeemed for a full-size perfume. Click here to order now!

4. Handbags

Every woman loves a designer handbag. What’s better than a designer look that’s a steal of a deal? This Express handbag is a VERY close duplicate of the Chloé Drew Leather Shoulder Bag at only a fraction of the price tag. The handbag comes in three colors: Grey, Cognac, Black. This gift is guaranteed to garner adoration. Click here to order now!

4 Amazon Beauty Products that are a Must-Have!

These Amazon beauty products target the face and lips and are killer deals! With high reviews at extremely affordable prices, they make for awesome amazon beauty finds! Here is the list we curated below:

Face Mask: Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face & Body

This Amazon face mask, Dead Sea Mud Mask is an excellent find. Not only does it reduce and minimize pores but it provides a deep skin cleanser and helps prevent new acne. We love it because it leaves the skin smooth and glowing after the first use. For less than $14 on Amazon, it’s a great deal!    



Lip Moisturizer: Kopari Coconut Lip Love

Kopari has been praised by many influential YouTube vloggers for their skin moisturizing products but this Amazon find targets your lips to keep them hydrated and lush. With a coconut flavor, this gloss locks in long-lasting moisture.


Face Serum: Calily Life Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C based serums should be added to your daily regimen as it provides anti-aging benefits, improves skin tone and texture along with a multitude of other great benefits. Calily Life Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin C serum from Amazon is our top pick for serums as it transforms the skin for a youthful appearance.



Face Moisturizer: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Face Moisturizer

With extremely high 5-star reviews on Amazon, this Neutrogena gel-cream facial moisturizer helps instantly quench and provide long-lasting moisture relief for your extra-dry skin. We loved the cool, smooth gel-like texture on the skin, making it one of our favorite Amazon beauty finds!


Top 5 Jewelry Trends for this Spring

1. Tassel Earrings

This trend is popping up everywhere -- tassel earrings. They come in different colors, and metal accents. They’ll pair nicely with a simple outfit, truly enhancing any look. Although tassel earrings will only be in style for this year, make sure you find yourself a nice pair before spring is over.



2. Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces make you feel like you are wearing a delicate and dainty piece but with a fun layered approach. You’ll notice layered necklaces works so well with simple neckline outfits regardless of the pattern type. Make sure the add layered necklaces to your collection as we see this trend lasting for a long time!  



3. Stackable Rings

Why choose just one ring when there are so many great pieces that look great together? Stack multiple rings together for a glam look. Combine midi rings with regular ones to master this trend! The great thing about this trend is that these pieces can be worn individually as well, allowing the jewelry to work for you for years to come!



4. Bejeweled Chokers

Chokers have become a staple accessory and we anticipate this trend is here to stay! Bejeweled chokers add a feminine touch to this edgy style. Choker style necklaces work very well with any neckline and have become a staple jewelry piece for anyone’s collection! We love this simple glamorous choker!


5. Nature Jewelry Features

Vogue highlighted nature-related jewelry trend recently on the Paris runways, so we definitely know that this style is in this spring. This jewelry trend includes necklaces and earrings with natural features including leaf pendants, flower icons, or seashell colors.

Glamour Jewelry Box makes sure to send you the most trendy jewelry every month so you can look fabulous and chic without having to shop on your own. Become a member now!  

Rounding up Affordable Spring Pieces

Don’t break the bank this spring while looking stylish. We rounded up the most affordable spring pieces and accessories. As the weather slowly gets warmer, these are going to be pieces that you’ll see everywhere this spring!  

This jumpsuit screams spring chic and your jaw will drop at the price- $29.90 at Forever21. The pinstripe pattern and strapless design make this a spring stable outfit. Pair them with some awesome GJB jewelry, this jumpsuit will be great to wear for a weekend brunch or birthday party!  


These $35.90 spring shorts from Zara are gorgeous in every way. The vibrant spring colors, high waist, and the flower patterns make this piece a great item for the upcoming warm days. Wear these shorts out to the beach, walking your dog, or pair them with bright yellow pumps and you’ll be ready for dinner with your girlfriends.

Retro sunglasses are everywhere this spring but if you had to own a pair, these sunglasses from Topshop are the ones! For only $26, you’ll easily rock a vibrant retro-inspired look essential for a fun travel weekend, on the beach, or wear them to your favorite festival!


Straw handbags enhance any casual spring look. We found the perfect, affordable handbag from Forever21 for just $24.90. The removable and adjustable shoulder strap and push-lock closure make this handbag not only stylish, but functional for people on the go just like you!