Top 5 Jewelry Trends for this Spring

1. Tassel Earrings

This trend is popping up everywhere -- tassel earrings. They come in different colors, and metal accents. They’ll pair nicely with a simple outfit, truly enhancing any look. Although tassel earrings will only be in style for this year, make sure you find yourself a nice pair before spring is over.



2. Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces make you feel like you are wearing a delicate and dainty piece but with a fun layered approach. You’ll notice layered necklaces works so well with simple neckline outfits regardless of the pattern type. Make sure the add layered necklaces to your collection as we see this trend lasting for a long time!  



3. Stackable Rings

Why choose just one ring when there are so many great pieces that look great together? Stack multiple rings together for a glam look. Combine midi rings with regular ones to master this trend! The great thing about this trend is that these pieces can be worn individually as well, allowing the jewelry to work for you for years to come!



4. Bejeweled Chokers

Chokers have become a staple accessory and we anticipate this trend is here to stay! Bejeweled chokers add a feminine touch to this edgy style. Choker style necklaces work very well with any neckline and have become a staple jewelry piece for anyone’s collection! We love this simple glamorous choker!


5. Nature Jewelry Features

Vogue highlighted nature-related jewelry trend recently on the Paris runways, so we definitely know that this style is in this spring. This jewelry trend includes necklaces and earrings with natural features including leaf pendants, flower icons, or seashell colors.

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