A Millennial’s Guide to Planning A Memorable Mother’s Day

I’m sure your mom has a special place in your heart. She’s been apart of your highs and lows and has seen you grow. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, why not plan and dedicate this day to show her your love and appreciation! We put together a guide to help you plan something spectacular for your mother!  

Step 1: Pick out the perfect Mother’s Day card

Cards are a simple yet meaningful gesture for Mother’s Day. An item where you can express your feelings of appreciation, a card allows you to craft a thoughtful note. We came across some awesome handmade Mother’s Day cards from Etsy. This Etsy-based card company, Honey Be-Merry, proclaims themselves as a stationery brand that draws inspiration from the beauty of everyday living and they say that all cards are made with love. These handmade cards are perfect for Mother’s Day! And don’t forget to include a powerful quote that expresses your gratitude and love! 

Step 2: Cook an EASY and Homemade Meal

The best way to your mom’s heart is through her stomach with a delectable, home-cooked meal. Don’t worry if you aren’t an expert chef, we found some easy recipes that you can’t mess up! Bon Appetit even the name of this recipe the Never Fail Roast Chicken Recipe, which you can find here!

Step 3:  Creative Experience-Based Gifts

If you think the typical Mother’s Day gift such as flowers and chocolate and overrated, well we agree with! We do have alternatives that are super creative and something your mom will surely love!

Paint Night: A night dedicated to painting lead by instructors with all supplies included. It ends up being an awesome bonding experience that you can share with your mom.  


Tea Room/Party: This is a fun way for you and your mom to spend some quality time dressing up, drinking tea, and enjoying some English sandwiches. This event is something that is unique and easy to plan!

Glamour Jewelry: Jewelry is something all moms love but instead of finding her the typical trendy jewelry, why not sign her up for a subscription jewelry service? We’ve recently received raved reviews from mothers around the nation about how they’ve enjoyed this gift and how they’ve been so excited to get the jewelry package every month! It’s an awesome and thoughtful gift for only $29.95/month.