5 Quick and Affordable Ways to Look Trendy and Style your Outfit

Imagine walking into a room and everyone turns their head to see who just walked in because they are so amazed by how stylish and well put-together you are! Imagine if it took you half the time, effort, and money to get that trendy jaw-dropping look! We put together 5 quick ways to look trendy without breaking the bank:

  1. Front-tuck your shirt, it gives off the vibe that you know exactly what you are doing in the fashion world.

  2. Shop the classics such as good quality jeans and jacket. You'll end up wearing it all the time, and really getting your monies worth each time you wear these timeless pieces. 

  3. Iron or steam simple clothing pieces such as shirts and pants. These ironed and clean-cut articles of clothing will make you look like you paid a whole lot for your outfit (even though you didn’t!).

  4. Make sure it fits right, get it altered through a tailor if possible. The more perfect it fits, the more expensive it looks!

  5. Accessorize as much as possible with jewelry. Fashion jewelry, either with dainty or statement pieces, will complete any look and give you that wow factor in your trendy fashion look!

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Where can I get some of these stylish pieces and accessories to look like a trendsetter in the fashion game?”  

With Glamour Jewelry Box, we send you 3-boutique jewelry pieces every month to your door so you’ll never have to worry about finding the best fashion jewelry.

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The other thing that Glamour Jewelry Box has for its members is an exclusive FB group where we share links to awesome fashion clothing deals to help you style looks with your jewelry!  

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