Top 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow To Get Some Jewelry Inspo!

Instagram is one of the most perfect places to find blogger accounts focused on awesome fashion looks and styles. So much so that they give us inspiration on what to style and wear with each posted picture and Instastory video. We scoured the Instagram land to find you the top 5 emerging Instagram blogger accounts to follow that will help you improve your fashion and jewelry game!

1) Maxie Elise from Orange County, California. Instagram: @maxieelise

Maxie is a petite blogger that has a chic, colorful style. Her Instagram photos capture her awesome outfits and she does such a great job pairing them with her unique jewelry pieces including playful statement earrings and dainty bracelets! Below is a small collection of her Instagram page with some gorgeous outfits and her ADORABLE puppy!  

2) Ashlen Fulton from Charlotte, North Carolina. Instagram: @thechicaf

Ashlen's blog and Instagram page are focused on her love of affordable fashion and fun travel. Her Instagram page is filled with her chic style with a mix of casual yet trendy looks. What we love most about Ashlen is her jewelry selection paired with some of her simple outfits. She's the perfect inspiration when you're trying to figure out what to wear on a casual night out! Below are some of our favorite Instagram looks: 

3) Jennifer Lindsey from Dallas, Texas. Instagram: @boymominjeans

Jennifer Lindsey's style is best described as casual comfort that's chic and trendy. Her Instagram profile feed includes warm colors with hints of vibrant orange! I think one of the things we loved about her style is that she does a great job mixing floral patterns with solid, bold colors. Her jewelry pairing is simple and vintage which is seen throughout her Instagram pictures. She does a great job completing each look with her jewelry and accessories as shown below: 

4) Jessi Afshin from Austin, Texas. Instagram: @jessi_afshin

Jessi takes advantage of every season and you can easily see that with every outfit she wears! She does a great job pulling together timeless and trendy pieces. Jessi's jewelry is all about the statement accessories especially her bold, fun earrings! Browsing through her Instagram will really give you style inspo for each season!    

5) Ashley Ellen from New Jersey/ New York. Instagram: @ashley_elle

Ashley 's Instagram page is filled with her trendy style with a focus on beauty, fitness, and fashion. Her fashion is best described as effortless chic with some gorgeous tops and dresses along with nailing the athleisure look! We also love her minimal jewelry style where she rocks just one piece of jewelry at a time, giving her a super polished look! Here are some of our favorite Instagram photos of Ashley: 

Make sure you give each of these girls a follow on Instagram! You won't be disappointed! Also, don't forget to sign-up for a Glamour Jewelry Box membership where you get 3 boutique jewelry pieces delivered to your door monthly!