Summer Time Sadness + Fall Fashion Trends with Maddy Crayy

Adventure seeking and life-liver, those words sum up Maddy Crayy's blog and Instagram page very well! When the Glamour Jewelry Box team came across her photos we knew she loved to have fun while looking stylish and trendy! 

Summer is coming to an end (we are feeling the summer-time sadness) but Maddy described what she loved (and will miss) about her summer wardrobe,  "My go-to summer clothing pieces were jumpsuits and maxi-dresses all the way! I'm all about trends that are super easy to execute but still look so put together and fashion forward."

And summer-time accessories? "I loved accessorizing big and bold patterns with simple jewelry pieces like gold chain or stacked necklaces, and simpler jumpsuits and dresses with big and bold statement pieces! For me, it's always so important to have some part of your outfit be a statement piece so you stand out in the crowd. It's an amazing way to bring out your personality through your apparel/accessories!" 

Maddy's start to blogging fell on her lap when her Instagram account following grew from her love of posting her fun adventures and when she had the chance to interact with like-minded Instagram accounts.

What's most adorable is that her boyfriend was the perfect partner for this venture, "I definitely couldn't do it without my boyfriend Sam though, he's been there every step of the way and is the amazing photographer behind the lens. He's inspired me to keep posting every day, and makes me laugh with his funny comments on my posts!"


Now that we are approaching the fall season with cooler weather, Maddy recommends the following trends for the autumn season, "Fall is all about layering and faded colors! Normally fall for me means toning down my wardrobe to blacks and browns, but this year I'm loving keeping that color in my wardrobe, just something not as bright that really sticks with the fall vibe. My favorite color going into this season is definitely mustard yellow! If worn on an accessory, mustard yellow looks amazing with denim or black clothing pieces. Whereas with mustard yellow clothes, I'd definitely recommend simple gold jewelry to really bring attention to the color." 

"My favorite color going into this season is definitely mustard yellow!"

Please take some time to follow Maddy on her Instagram page and check out her official blog Madd Crayy to get more fall style trends and tips! Please also check out the Glamour Jewelry Box, a monthly subscription where we send you the latest jewelry pieces every month to your door!