Gift-Giving Guide for Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you're likely pondering gift ideas for your sweetheart. If it feels impossible to find something truly unique, remember that in the end, it's a day that represents your love for one another. Consider stepping out the box of heart-shaped chocolates and a dozen roses. Plan an experience for your partner rather than purchasing a gift or if you’d like to give something material, shop online to find unique gifts. If you're in the need for some inspiration, look no further than this Valentine's Day gift-giving guide! 


While jewelry is a classic (potentially cliché) Valentine's Day gift idea, it's one of the most reliable for your priceless relationship. That said, stray away from heart-shaped necklaces and opt for a trendy arrow bracelet and ring combination. If your relationship is fairly new, you might be better off with just a unique necklace or bracelet, rather than a ring.

If your significant other is particularly fond of boutique jewelry, consider taking your sparkling gift to the next level by purchasing a jewelry subscription box. As the gift that keeps on giving, a Glamour Jewelry Box is just $28 per month. Your lovely lady will be adorned with three pieces of high-quality, fashionable pieces for months after February 14th.

Extreme Date Night

Speaking of newer relationships, those with new-found love on Valentine’s Day should consider planning an extreme date night rather than hunting for the perfect material gift. Treat your significant other to a night of competitive, fun activities. Start the evening at an indoor trampoline park to work up an appetite. This activity is sure to provide opportunity for laughs, fun and flirting. Move your date night to a unique bar or restaurant with game tables like ping pong or corn hole. After a full meal, a couple of drinks, and a few games, consider a classic like seeing a movie. There are plenty of options for luxury movie theaters, where you can treat your date to another cocktail or some dessert.

Couple's Massage

What could be more romantic than a relaxing spa day with your significant other? You can get facials, mud masks, massages, sit in a sauna—or do all of the above and spend the full day at a spa. Couples massages are an intimate yet calming way to spend time with your partner where you both end up feeling refreshed. Self-care days are important and aren’t often appreciated as much as they should be, so it’s a great way to prioritize yourselves and end the day feeling great.

Winery Trip

Another way you can extend your Valentine’s Day trip into a weekend trip is by enjoying some wine and sunshine by experiences a wine tour. A glass (or tow) of wine together is a fun and romantic activity, but touring a vineyard is a great way to experience a new area and have a fun day together. Often you can find a package where you can visit a few vineyards, or if you’re only interested in trying a specific type of wine, then you can find the vineyards that specialize in it. It’s a great way to get out there together and do something fun and make a new memory.

DIY Your Gift

Because Valentine’s Day is all about sharing in your love with your significant other, what better way is there than creating a scrapbook of all your favorite memories for your partner? Not only is it fun for you as you go through all your old photos and relive those memories, but then you’ll have this great item that you can look through at any time in the future fondly.

You can also DIY a Valentine’s Day coupon book. Include coupons for all your partner’s favorite things, like a homemade dinner, ice cream date, back rub, and more!

Whether you want to snuggle up inside and avoid the busy restaurants with your significant other or want to give some of the more classic Valentine’s Day gifts, you’re sure to find a way to make memories with your partner. There are no rules on this loving holiday other than ending the day happily after celebrating your love.

This article was guest authored by Abby Golder