Tips to Look Stylish and Comfortable While Traveling

We’re long past the elegant days when ladies wear gloves and hats and men wear suits to travel. That said, we can all agree that looking out best is always in style and wearing stylish clothing has actually been proven to positively affect your mood and personality

So, leave the fuzzy pajamas and slippers to others as travel wear. Focus on clothes that are chic, comfortable, and durable. After all, you never know who you’ll meet—a new business connection, a new friend, perhaps even a new romance might bloom out of a long flight—so you should make a little effort that could pay off in big ways.

Here are our tips to look stylish and comfortable while traveling:

What to Avoid

Ultimately, avoid anything that you would wear to the gym. This includes those beloved yoga pants. While they’re comfortable, they don’t come across as polished. Plus, they’re not made for sitting still on a plastic-like surface for long periods— the fabrics on many of those can actually feel uncomfortably moist against your skin when you start perspiring.

Wear Layers

Planes and trains often have fluctuating temperatures. In order to be prepared, consider layering your look. Start with a T-shirt and bring a light sweater, such as a cardigan, to wear over it—these are easier to take off and put on than pull-over sweaters. The classic white tee can easily be dressed up with some of your jewelry essentials

A pashmina wrap is another stylish option that’s easy to pack. Wrap it around your waist or drape it around your shoulders. You can even use this shawl as a pillow or blanket if need be.

dress for your destination.jpeg

Dress For Your Destination

If you’re flying from Minnesota to Hawaii in February, you will probably not want to cart around a huge winter coat the entire time you are in the tropics. Just bring what you need to get from the car to the airport without freezing to death because it’s time to break out your aloha shirts and silk robes.

Likewise, if you’re going from San Diego to Boston in the middle of winter, make sure you dress appropriately for your destination. It will be quite a shock to walk out into subzero temperatures if you’re wearing shorts. Just carry your winter coat with you on the plane.

Choose Classic Wardrobe Essentials

Another way to dress for travel is in the casual chic style of jeans and a T-shirt, or denim shorts and a T-shirt. The trick to this simple look is to consider how to make this style your own. Try oversized cardigans over shorts or a pretty ruffled T-shirt with comfortable boyfriend jeans. Dress up a plain white V-neck T-shirt with layers of necklaces. Add a pair of unique, comfortable shoes and you’re set!

Try using different types of accessories to liven up your simple look, too. 

Try Athleisure

Try wearing clothes out of a category called Athleisure wear. Also sometimes called streetwear, athleisure takes gym-style clothes but makes sure they are well-tailored,  and combines them with preppier pieces. 

Pieces like a cable crewneck sweater worn with well-cut pants, worn with all-white sneakers will allow you the ultimate comfort without looking like you just rolled out of bed. It’s no wonder this look has become one of the fashion world’s biggest categories. It’s comfortable, bold, and stylish - one of the best examples combining fashion with functionality.

Wear Jewelry

Pick out one set of jewelry that pairs with a handful of outfits and wear it while you travel. Layer your necklaces and rings to avoid tangling them up in your suitcase.

layer necklaces.jpeg

The great thing is that you likely don't have to remove most jewelry as you go through security, and it’s one less thing to pack and worry about. Not only will you stand out on your flight, but on your entire trip as well! 

Check Out Travel Pants

There are plenty of yoga pant-alternatives. Many companies make pants especially for travel that look more like pants you could wear to work. LL Bean makes a pair with sweat-wicking fabric that makes it superb for long travel days in the car or plane where you might be a little sweaty from sitting on a vinyl seat. Fabric-Like cotton will be damp and stay that way, but these will dry and stay comfortable all day long.

These slim Athleta pants feature a tailored cut with skinny legs and a nylon/Spandex blend that looks great and stretches. It even has a hidden credit card pocket in the waistband. The average review gives it 4.6 out of 5 stars.

If you want the comfort of leggings in an upgraded style and fabric, check out Uniqlo’s pants. They’re super stretchy in all directions and have back pockets, which regular leggings do not.

Choose the Right Shoes

Wear shoes that you will want to wear throughout your trip. They should be closed-toe and ideally be comfortable and quick to slip off and on during security. A pair of booties, slip-on sneakers, or some cute flats with a rugged sole are all great options.

While you may plan to take a drive to go hiking or walking, don’t wear hiking boots during your actual travel—your feet will get musty and they’re too hard to get off and on. Athletic or running shoes may be comfortable, but choose some stylish ones that go with your new outfit over the ones you’ve already worn out.

You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort with these travel outfit ideas. Remember to pick versatile pieces that you'll be able to wear multiple times on your trip and always ACCESSORIZE!