Clean Out Your Closet: Out With the Old, In With the New

Every closet needs a revamp from time to time. With spring weather on its way, now's a perfect time to start a refresh. Cleaning out and organizing your closet helps you take inventory of everything you have, so you can evaluate which clothes and accessories you’d like to keep and which have overstayed their welcome.

Plus, making your closet into a relaxing, organized space clears your head when creating now looks and eliminates any extra stress involved in looking your best! Check out these tips to reorganize and clean out your closet to make room for the hottest new trends

Cleaning Out Your Closet:

Separate Your Clothes Into Piles

In order for you to fully understand everything you have in your closet, you’ll need to take everything out. This is in line with the Marie Kondo strategy of "Tidying Up". Completely empty your closet and find an area with enough space to sift through and organize. A good idea might be placing all your clothes on your bed, your shoes on the floor, and your accessories on top of your dresser. From there, separate your clothing into three piles: keep, donate, and sell. This allows you to evaluate what been hanging around in your closet too long and what still has a place in your wardrobe.

Find Fashionable New Owners For Old Clothes 

Once you’ve determined the clothing you’d like to keep and donate, shift your attention to what you think you can sell. Selling clothing that’s still in great condition but no longer your cup of tea is a great way to make a little extra money. 

There are many different options for selling your clothes, including different consignment websites and apps that make the process quick and easy! Some popular examples include thredUPDepop, and Poshmark. Take a look through each and decide which one might work best for your personal style.

Invest In Some Baskets Or Bins

A huge part of having a clean, organized closet space is having a place for everything in the closet. If your closet feels cluttered or small, try to find ways to create space. A great way to do this is with bins or baskets that can store clothing you don’t wear often, or act as a designated place for pieces that would otherwise take up lots of room, like shoes or bags. Don’t think you need to buy plain, industrial bins. There are plenty of cute options that can also match your décor, like wicker baskets. 

Organizing Your Closet:

Organize By Season

After determining which clothes you want to keep in your new and improved closet, the organizing continues! Organize your clothing according to the season and if possible, store away the pieces you won’t be wearing right away. Will you really need all those super stylish winter coats in the middle of spring? Probably not. So find a designated space in your closet or home to keep them tucked away until you need them. This will minimize clutter and allow you to focus on the pieces in your closet you can actually wear at the moment.

Organize By Color

Organizing the clothes in your closet by color is not only practical, but also super pleasing to the eye! Having designated color sections will help you create your outfits quickly and effortlessly, so you’re not scrounging around looking for that perfect blazer you know you have but can’t seem to find. Plus, seeing all your clothes organized by color will help you feel cool, calm, and collected - exactly how your closet should make you feel!

Repaint Your Closet Space

Your closet should not only be a calming space, but it also should reflect your style and personality. If you’re feeling like your closet space is a little drab, giving it a fresh coat of paint might be just what it needs to help you see it in a whole new light! Before you start to reintroduce your items to your closet space, dust the corners, vacuum the area and consider hiring a painter to give your space the ultimate refurbishing. Be sure to choose colors that make you feel relaxed and that you would feel satisfied seeing every day.

2019 Trends

With all the new room in your revamped closet, you’ll be able to fill it with some of the newest and hottest trends of 2019! Grab a wicker bag or tote that taps into the modern hippie trend, or pick up a dress or sneaker in Living Coral, Pantone’s lively 2019 Color of The Year. And don’t forget about brand new accessories, like some bold geometric earrings.

Cleaning out and organizing your closet can seem like an ordeal, but it’s crucial when it comes to refreshing your wardrobe and clearing your mind. Your closet should be a relaxing space where you feel confident and at ease creating looks and outfits for the day ahead. After all, it's where you start and end each day!