Personal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Beyond the Basics

Hopefully, you find time to show your mother how much you appreciate her fairly often. That said, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to truly treat mom to something special. Get creative this year and expand your gifts beyond bouquets and brunches. Check out this list of unique and personal Mother’s Day gift ideas:


Beyond Jewelry

Jewelry is a classic Mother’s Day gift idea. Necklaces that read “mom” and bracelets to match litter every store’s jewelry department. This year skip the cheesy jewelry and get your mom something she would actually wear.

There are plenty of jewelry trends to take part in this year – from layer rings to delicate necklaces. Consider a gift that never stops gifting and sign your mom up for a jewelry subscription box. This way, she will be treated to trendy, quality jewelry every month!

Beyond Brunch

Moms love brunch; that’s no secret. While a mimosa flight and quiche might make your mom smile, consider a gift that keeps on gifting for more than just a couple hours. Find a collection of fun brunch restaurants and create a “Mom Date Coupon Book”. Choose four or five restaurants and create a small book that she can keep as a memory of your fun brunch dates.

Beyond Flowers

While your mom likely appreciates a beautiful bouquet of flowers, it’s inevitable that this gesture lasts about a week before ending up in the trash. Rather than giving a gift that falls short, consider purchasing a cute planter and gifting her something unique and decorative that she’ll keep for years. Succulents are a great choice, as they are easy to care for and add a pop of color to a dining room table or sofa table.

Beyond a Photo

Source: Rob Briscoe

Source: Rob Briscoe

A framed photo of you and your mom is a great addition to the family portrait wall, but when is the last time you had fresh family photos taken? Gift your mom the opportunity to spend a whole day with the family and commemorate it by hiring a professional photographer for a family photoshoot.

Your mom will undoubtedly enjoy having the whole family together, plus she will have a whole slew of new photos to update her family portrait wall. This way, whether you’ve moved across country or haven’t made it home to visit, she’ll always treasure those photos. Top this gift off with a unique collage frame that she can put together with her favorite prints.

Beyond Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are classic and of course, delicious. Rather than gifting mom a box of fruit, sign her up for a cooking class! There are plenty of baking and cooking classes that families can enjoy together. In fact, many large chain grocery stores offer cooking classes on a daily basis.

Enjoy a cake decorating course or opt for a wine and cheese tasting. Either way, you’ll treat mom to something sweet and get to enjoy some quality time together.  

Beyond the Spa

It’s doubtful that your mom would turn down a chance to be pampered at the spa. While that’s a wonderful treat, consider adding on a great surprise for her home. For example, gift her mani-pedi at a local nail salon, and then bring her home to a newly “Zen” home experience. With the addition of an essential oil diffuser, noise maker, and Himalayan salt lamp, her home will feel like a trip to the spa every day of the year.

No matter how you decide to treat your mom this year, if you go beyond the basics of Mother’s Day gifting, she will certainly feel appreciated. From jewelry subscriptions that keep on giving to experiences for the whole family, you’ll undoubtedly have a happy mother this year. Happy Mother’s Day!