Jewelry Related Bridesmaids' Gifts

The big day is approaching: your wedding! Yes, your bridesmaids are happy for you, but let’s face it: the bridesmaids have probably earned their keep throughout the planning process. With their own busy lives taking care of their families and maybe even picking up their own children’s toys, it’s time to treat your best friends to something special.

A bridesmaid gift is a wonderful way to show your loved ones your gratitude for them being with you on your big day, and can be something as simple as a piece of unique jewelry. Jewelry can be personalized and used for more occasions than just the wedding, which only means one thing: your bridesmaids will love one of these pieces.

Pieces that Your Bridesmaid Will Love and Wear

When you think of traditional bridesmaid gifts, usually you think of a gift related to your wedding or a monogrammed set of pajamas. These can be cute, but they’re somewhat expected by now. Jewelry, however, has the potential to be worn on the wedding day and after, can be personalized with something like a birthstone, and can be picked specifically to find something each bridesmaid will like.

Whether you have a bridesmaid who likes earrings, who needs a good bracelet, or who will wear a necklace more often, you can personalize your choice based on style and taste. Your bridesmaids will certainly appreciate getting a gift that you put thought into just for them. If you’re looking for just the right piece then, one of these might be perfect.

Crystal Bar Bracelet

Simple and elegant: perfect for any bridesmaid. Made with tiny crystals all over the thin bangle, this bracelet slips onto one’s wrist. With every shift, the many crystals will catch the light beautifully. The modern style makes it perfect for wearing both for formal events and for a dressy day at work.

Gold Feather Necklace

This little feather necklace is perfect as a statement piece, adding some style to everyday outfits or a boho wedding. A woman could wear this charm while traveling casually, or could dress up a normally boring outfit with a tiny pop of color and style.

Modern Dangle Earrings

If you’re looking for a more modern style of jewelry, these dangle earrings are perfect. Sporting rose-gold hoops, tiny bangles, and a small dangly piece of rose gold, they would be great for the big day, but would also look wonderful at other events.

Silver Arrow Adjustable Ring

A ring is a great piece of jewelry to catch the light without being too over the top. The best thing about this silver arrow ring is that you can adjust it to fit different fingers, but it’s also the perfect casual piece for any occasion.

Crystal Fashion Tennis Bracelet

Is there any bridesmaid who wouldn’t want a tennis bracelet? This rosy bracelet is shapely and formal, making it a great piece for the wedding itself. Your bridesmaid will also love wearing it with other formal outfits, or even with a cute summer dress.

Gold Pendant Necklace

The unique shape of this necklace makes it an eye-catcher. Wear it while you’re traveling, or add it to an outfit that you would wear out on the town. It’ll dangle just right over your chest to add some color and style, along with some of your personality.

Rose & Silver Druzy Earrings

Rose Earrings.png

For a more traditional option, these rose and silver earrings are perfect. Small and circular, these earrings will match with any outfit and work for any occasion. They can be carried along easily too due to their small side, making them perfect for traveling.

Jewelry Subscription Box

Bridesmaids gifts don’t have to be over the top. They can still be thoughtful and can be personalized for each bridesmaid. If you’re looking for just the perfect gift for the people you love to show your appreciation on the big day, it’s hard to top some of these jewelry options.