Glamour Jewelry Box was created when the two sisters, Janky and Hetal, were frustrated with the accessory shopping experience. They didn’t enjoy or have time to physically shop in stores and didn’t know which jewelry pieces were trendy, they knew there had to be a better and more convenient way!


Janky Patel, CEO & Co-Founder of Glamour Jewelry Box

Janky Patel received her BS Engineering degree from Arizona State University and her Master’s degree from Yale University. Janky has worked for a management consulting firm Nordic Consulting Partners. Janky has also taken on many creative projects including self-publishing two children’s books and received an award for book of the year through Bookemon. She also loves to travel as it helps her spark more creativity in running her business. Her most memorable trip was to New Zealand where she hiked a glacier! Janky’s skills and experience include website development, business strategy, operations, and using data analytics to make strategic decisions.


Hetal Patel, Co-Founder of Glamour Jewelry Box

Hetal Patel received her BS degree from the University of Arizona and her DMD degree from Midwestern University. Hetal practices general dentistry during the day. Hetal’s skills and experience include working closely on marketing, researching fashion trends, product sourcing, consumer insights, and understanding & improving the overall customer experience. Hetal loves shopping for great deals, traveling, and practicing yoga in her free time. Her most memorable trip was to Thailand where she had the opportunity to visit an elephant sanctuary!